CAUTION: Don’t DIY Your Nashville Home Improvement Project Until You Read This!

Posted by Roberta Knab // February 19, 2018

Nashville Home Improvement

You’ve got an idea on how to make your Nashville house better and you are ready to tackle it yourself.  Good for you!  Performing your own Nashville home improvement project is a great way to save money and have pride in your property.   But if you have a day job, your DIY Nashville home […]

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Why Homeowners are Avoiding Using the TRILLIONS of Dollars Available

Posted by Roberta Knab // February 12, 2018


Homeowners are currently seeing record highs in possible equity.  Since the housing crash in 2012, the amount in equity that people have in their homes has been on the rise.  The housing crash was a devastating time for many homeowners who could not pay their monthly mortgage payments on a house that was no longer […]

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2018 Outlook: A Sellers’ Market Ahead as Housing Prices Set to Increase

Posted by Roberta Knab // February 5, 2018


The housing market in 2018 is set to greatly benefit home sellers.  Buyers beware, prices are going up.  This is especially true in areas where the housing market already has inflated prices.   The end of 2017 saw jumps in housing prices and this trend looks like it will continue throughout 2018. Why the Jump? […]

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Debunking Mortgage Myths for Nashville Homebuyers

Posted by Roberta Knab // January 29, 2018

Nashville Homebuyers

In today’s market, it is rare for Nashville homebuyers to be able to pay for a new home in all cash. As a result, most of these same Nashville homebuyers rely on a mortgage from a bank. Mortgages are simply tools to help Nashville homebuyers get into a new home. And like any tool, knowing […]

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Millennials and the Nashville Housing Market

Posted by Roberta Knab // January 22, 2018

Nashville Housing Market

Millennials tend to curry a poor reputation with older generations. Because there have been so many millennials that have lived with parents or remained renters, it has been easy to think of them as being lazy or not caring. However, this is not the reason that most millennials have yet to enter the Nashville housing […]

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Questions First-Time Nashville Home Buyers MUST Ask

Posted by Roberta Knab // January 15, 2018

First-Time Nashville Home Buyers

Renting a house can make for a much less complicated existence. For example, there is less responsibility, some of the utilities are paid for, and there is no long-term commitment. However, there comes a time in most Nashville renters lives when they start thinking about Nashville home buyers. They are ready to find a Nashville […]

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Nashville Home Buyers: Considering This Before Upsizing

Posted by Roberta Knab // January 8, 2018

Nashville Home Buyers

Outgrowing your perfect Nashville starter home happens. When this happens it is time for you to once again become Nashville home buyers. However, upsizing isn’t always as simple as it seems. To help along the way, Nashville home buyers will want to keep the following factors in mind. What are the additional expenses? Nashville home […]

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How Staging Your Nashville Home Can Pay Off

Posted by Roberta Knab // January 1, 2018

Staging Your Nashville Home

One of the keys to selling your Nashville house for top dollar is showing potential buyers what makes the house so great. For this reason, Nashville sellers need to help your house make the best first impression. Recent studies show that potential home buyers decide within seconds whether or not a house is right for […]

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5 Considerations When Buying a Nashville House

Posted by Roberta Knab // December 25, 2017

Buying a Nashville House

Buying a Nashville house is a process, especially when you think you have found what appeared to be the perfect house. The house seemed to have everything that you were looking for. However, once you closed and moved in, you found it wasn’t what you thought it was. Unfortunately this happens when buying a Nashville […]

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Get Your Nashville Home Sold ASAP

Posted by Roberta Knab // December 18, 2017

Nashville Home

Getting your Nashville home sold as soon as possible is most sellers’ goal. Having your home sit on the Nashville market, getting stale, is expensive. When this happens, it becomes increasingly frustrating to watch houses all around your house sell while yours isn’t getting much activity. In order to get your Nashville home sold asap, […]

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