5 Great Ways for Huntsville Home Sellers to Close ASAP

Posted by Roberta Knab // October 15, 2018

Huntsville Home Sellers

5 Great Ways for Huntsville Home Sellers to Close ASAP Anyone that has done a little research into how to sell a Huntsville home knows all of the basics.  However, to really ‘wow’ buyers, Huntsville home sellers need to go beyond the basics. Home buyers who are floored by the beauty of a Huntsville home […]

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Getting Started in Huntsville Real Estate

Posted by Roberta Knab // October 8, 2018

Huntsville Real Estate

There are many people trying their hand at investing in Huntsville real estate and even more who have considered it.  With the many ways to invest money, some people have not taken the leap into real estate. However, doing so can be a solid way to invest money and see profit without as much risk […]

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How Nashville Buyers Can Beat the Competition

Posted by Roberta Knab // October 1, 2018

Nashville Buyers

Dealing with a seller’s market can be overwhelming to Nashville buyers who have not purchased a house before.  There are fewer homes for sale, seller’s know they have many interested Nashville buyers, and buyers are fighting against each other for the perfect house.  While it may seem impossible to buy during a seller’s market there […]

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The Ins and Outs of Mortgage Shopping For the Smart Huntsville Buyer

Posted by Roberta Knab // September 24, 2018


Anyone who is dreaming of owning their own Huntsville home has started the planning process.  Researching the perfect neighborhood, thinking of just the right number of bedrooms, and even planning out how they will decorate their future home.  However, the research that needs to be done is about the mortgage needed to buy that Huntsville […]

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6 Major Mistakes Nashville Sellers Should NEVER Make

Posted by Roberta Knab // September 17, 2018

Nashville Sellers

We get it: Nashville home sellers have a seemingly never ending list of ‘to-do’s’ when selling their home. And for every steps Nashville sellers must take, there seems at last two that they should not. With that in mind, Nashville sellers will want to avoid the following six major mistakes when selling a home.   […]

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The Top 6 Things Huntsville Home Sellers Talk About With Buyers (But Shouldn’t)

Posted by Roberta Knab // September 10, 2018

Huntsville Home Sellers

The worst thing Huntsville home sellers can do is lie to potential buyers about their home.  There should never be a situation that is hidden or lied about. In the end, the buyer is likely to find out about any problems with the house which means it is better if Huntsville home sellers let them […]

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Student Loan Debt and Buying a Nashville House

Posted by Roberta Knab // September 3, 2018

Buying a Nashville House

Right now there are many people interested in buying a Nashville house but feel like they cannot make the leap because of their student loan debt.  There are many people who have student loan debt who think they have to get their loans paid off before they buying a Nashville house. While it does depend […]

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A Quick Nashville Home Renovation Guide

Posted by Roberta Knab // August 27, 2018

Nashville Home Renovation

There are a lot of reasons that you might be considering doing a Nashville home renovation. You might have just purchased a house that is a fixer upper. Or, you may have been living in the same house for a decade and know that it’s ready for a change. Whatever your reason is, here is […]

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6 Things to Look For During a Huntsville Open House

Posted by Roberta Knab // August 20, 2018

Huntsville Open House

Many people enjoy going through a Huntsville open house even if they aren’t serious about buying the house. They enjoyed browsing to see different layouts and design styles, and even dream of one day being a homeowner. But, if you are serious about buying a Huntsville  house then you need to be serious at how […]

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Take These Steps BEFORE You Sell Your Nashville House

Posted by Roberta Knab // August 13, 2018

Sell Your Nashville House

As much as you’d like to just stick a yard sign at the end of your driveway when you’re ready to sell your Nashville house, there’s more to it than that. Or at least there’s more to it if you’re looking to sell your Nashville house for the right amount of money without it sitting […]

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