Closing Costs – Who Pays for What?

Posted by Roberta Knab // May 21, 2018

Closing Costs

Closing days are exciting for both parties, but with it comes closing costs. You never want to be caught off guard by these expenses so it’s important that you understand what you are responsible for so you will be ready. In general, Nashville buyers are going to be covering between 2 to 5 percent in […]

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Don’t Let These Rooms Chase Nashville Buyers Away

Posted by Roberta Knab // May 14, 2018

Nashville Buyers

Many Nashville buyers on the market these days are looking for houses that are in move-in ready condition. They want to simply put their stuff in your house and not have to lift a finger. And many Nashville buyers are looking for the “perfect house,” which makes selling your house a challenge. Your whole house […]

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7 Ways to Make the Moving Experience More Enjoyable

Posted by Roberta Knab // May 7, 2018


Moving into a new Nashville home is exciting.  However, it may not feel like it at the moment.   Once someone starts to plan how they are going to move they quickly become overwhelmed.  There are many things to do to prepare for a move and waiting until the last minute can be very stressful. […]

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Renovating a Nashville Home? Do Not Miss These 7 Areas

Posted by Roberta Knab // April 30, 2018


Renovating a Nashville property can be beneficial for a homeowner in many ways.  The first is quality of living. The house will be in better shape and the owner will be happier with their new features.  The second is the fact many that renovations can add value to the Nashville home. This can help make […]

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Tips to Help the New Nashville Real Estate Investor Flip Like a Pro

Posted by Roberta Knab // April 23, 2018

Nashville Real Estate Investor

Interest in becoming a Nashville real estate investor has grown to become more popular.  There are many people who like to purchase a Nashville property for cheap, renovate it, and then sell it for a nice profit.   Flipping Nashville houses sounds great, but in practice, it can be a bit more difficult.  New real […]

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What Homeowners Need to Know about a Nashville Foreclosure

Posted by Roberta Knab // April 16, 2018

Nashville Foreclosure

There can be plenty of questions surrounding a Nashville foreclosure. What is it? What does it mean? Do I have any options? We know that if you find yourself facing a Nashville foreclosure, it can be hard to know where to turn. For that reason, we want to share this brief overview of what homeowners […]

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Steps Every Nashville Home Seller MUST Take

Posted by Roberta Knab // April 9, 2018

Nashville Home Seller

Becoming a Nashville home seller can be a little bit intimidating. Combine the many decisions that need to be made along with the actual work that needs to be done and a Nashville home seller could easily feel overwhelmed. Thankfully there are some core principles that remain the same for every Nashville home seller. To […]

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Understanding the Differences Between Market Assessed, Tax Appraised, and Tax Assessed Values

Posted by Roberta Knab // April 2, 2018

Tax Assessed

There are so many terms in real estate that it can at times seem confusing for Nashville homeowners. This is especially true when trying to determine home value as there are different values that are assigned to a Nashville property, namely: the tax assessed value, tax appraised value, and the market assessed value.   Each […]

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What to Do With an Inherited Nashville Property

Posted by Roberta Knab // March 26, 2018

Inherited Nashville Property

An inherited Nashville property can bring a great deal of stress into someone’s life.  While a deceased family member had good intentions in leaving their property behind, sometimes it is not what their relatives wanted.   There are many options for someone who has inherited a Nashville property.  They can range from keeping the home […]

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What Nashville Home Buyers Need to Look for When Obtaining a Mortgage

Posted by Roberta Knab // March 19, 2018

Nashville Home Buyers

Today’s real estate market is competitive in all across the country. And this is especially true for Nashville home buyers. However, the Nashville home buyers who are doing the best are the ones that come to the table prepared before ever writing an offer. Here are some tips to help Nashville home buyers prepare for […]

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