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At Touchstone Property Solutions, we believe that being informed is the key to a smooth and successful Nashville home purchase. We want to arm you with the knowledge to make the best decisions and save you valuable time, money, and stress. A brief phone conversation with us may be life-changing. Whether you are looking to purchase a Nashville home for you and your family to live in, or if you’re looking for an investment property, contact us.

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Why Homeowners are Avoiding Using the TRILLIONS of Dollars Available

Posted by Roberta Knab // February 12, 2018


Homeowners are currently seeing record highs in possible equity.  Since the housing crash in 2012, the amount in equity that people have in their homes has been on the rise.  The housing crash was a devastating time for many homeowners who could not pay their monthly mortgage payments on a house that was no longer […]

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The housing market in 2018 is set to greatly benefit home sellers.  Buyers beware, prices are going up.  This is especially true in areas where the housing market already has inflated prices.   The end of 2017 saw jumps in housing prices and this trend looks like it will continue throughout 2018. Why the Jump? […]

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Debunking Mortgage Myths for Nashville Homebuyers

Posted by Roberta Knab // January 29, 2018

Nashville Homebuyers

In today’s market, it is rare for Nashville homebuyers to be able to pay for a new home in all cash. As a result, most of these same Nashville homebuyers rely on a mortgage from a bank. Mortgages are simply tools to help Nashville homebuyers get into a new home. And like any tool, knowing […]

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"Roberta is the consummate professional and always demonstrates the highest level of personal ownership with a commitment to excellence. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Roberta has that rare blend of qualities that allows her to understand the clients’ needs while remaining attentive to tactical details. She provides clients with a commitment to excellence. Roberta is collaborative and congenial; her experience and knowledge coupled with her strong commitment and work ethic produce superior results in an extremely competitive market.

Roberta leads with the highest level of integrity and with her in-depth knowledge of business and leadership, she possesses the ability to understand the customer’s needs, develop a solution, and translate that into mutually beneficial results. Roberta leads by example and is always focused on her commitment to exceed customer expectations."

-Anne Granum

Vice President, National Accounts at Renovo Solutions

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